Looking for a lovely enjoyable gift? Consider a candle gift! Candles are becoming increasingly popular, everyone loves them, whether it is the soft glowing ambiance of candlelight or the ability to be transported away by enticing scents, they’re welcome in most decor...

Candle gifts come in all shapes and sizes. There is something about burning candles that people love. Candles can make great housewarming gifts, lovely holiday gifts, and it doesn't end there, read on to see just how popular candles are, why they make great gifts, and for various candle gift ideas.

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FISH Terracotta Candles

	Eco friendly candles</p>

Eco friendly scented wax candles in earthen pots

Presenting Fish Candles range of Earthern Pots, handcrafted with precision and care to make each one very special. The best candles you can buy… ECO-FRIENDLY is the key. In a world surrounded by plastics, paints, chemicals, processed foods, processed water, processed and chemicated everything, well almost! Feel fresh, breathe and relax in the warm, cozy ambience created by natural elements. All 100% Pure, Natural Candles.

BLISS Scented Glass Votives

	Scented glass votives</p>

Scented and coloured wax candles in a gift pack.

Available in a variety of fragrances. A pair of square or round shaped votive glass filled with scintillating fragrances to blow your mind.

*Fragrances subject to availability.


Tea-light Gift Set

	Gift set, corporate gifting</p>

9 Coloured Tea-lights & Candle Holder

Exclusive gift set, specially designed for festive gifting. Tea-light gift set consists of 9 coloured tea-lights and 1 glass holder.  

Tea-lights available in Green, Lavender, Orange, Red and Yellow colour.

FISH Glass Diya

	Scented glass diyas</p>

Scented and coloured wax candles in gift pack.

The hot-seller. Set of 4 colored & scented wax candles in glass bowls. Soothing fragrance and captivating colors.

FISH Glass Pots

	Scented glass pots</p>

Coloured scented wax in glass pot.

Scented glass pots, pastel colored waxes beautifully packed in designer gift boxes.

BLISS Five Coloured Tea-light

	<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; background-color: rgb(236, 236, 236);">Coloured Tea-lights</span></p>

Tea-lights in 5 attractive colours.

The Best Selling Tea lights "BLISS CANDLES" in 5 colored options. Getting bored with the white tea lights?? Try our colored tea lights packed in a special gift pack of 25 candles. 5 candles of 5 colors each.